What is SomatologiK?

That is a  good questions. The first time I heard the word SomatologiK was from my Feldenkrais Mentor Yvan Joly during a workshop in Montreal, Quebec.  There was something very appealing about it. The combination of logik (brain) and the soma (living body). The concept of SomatologiK stayed with me. I tried to define it, but it wasn’t easy. My friends helped me but the definition was still elusive. Yvan Joly in an Email to me defined SomatologiK as:

“Somatologik”: which follow the logic of the soma, usually applied to a movement pattern or a gesture or an action. i.e. where the different body parts participate in a meaningful pattern that is biomechanically sound and felt as such by the living body (soma: the body as experienced from within).

That is still the best definition, but it requires that the person has the ability to listen, interpret and act according to information coming from and being felt in the living body (Soma).

So SomatologiK is the combination of the logiK of the living body. It is using sound thinking and biomechanics, in combination with listening to the living body. At least that is what my definition looks like right now. No doubt it will change as we move along together.

What is the Framework?

Look at the red square at the top of this page. See how there are openings in each corner. That is the Framework. Together we will set up a Framework of movements inspired by Yoga, Feldenkrais and other movement modalities that I have studied. The Framework will get you started on your journey towards health, improved performance or whatever you are looking for. Once the Framework is established then you will venture outside the Framework. See those openings in each corner?? Yes that is where you will explore based on the Framework we have set up. You can come back inside the Framework again, but it is your responsibility to explore in the edges of and outside the Framework that we establish together. Have fun exploring!