Thanks for visiting my web page. It has been a long time coming. I have really dreaded starting a web page, but I finally decided to do it.

My life has been a long strange ride. I moved to the US from Sweden to go to Physical Therapy school. I got my PT degree in 1985, and went to work. I did everything I dreamed of as a PT including working World Championships in Track and Field. I was lucky to get to work with some of the best runners in the world. I had my own clinic in Spokane WA but got many great experiences outside the PT clinic. In the mid 90’s I decided to go through a 4 year training program in the Feldenkrais Method. That was a life changing experience. In 1998 went back to school to get my Masters and PhD in Physical Therapy. I have been teaching ever since then ¬†and am now teaching at Nazareth College in Rochester NY.81jqw4Dfd9L._SL1500_

in 2004 I got interested in Yoga. I now have over 1000 hrs of Yoga Therapy training, including 800 hrs of Yoga Therapy Training from Yoga Life Institute, Yoga Life Institute was one of the first 12 Yoga Therapy schools that was accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. I teach at Yoga Life and present nationally and internationally at Yoga and PT conferences.

I see clients in the evenings and on weekends, when I am not teaching. I mix Yoga Therapy, and the Feldenkrais Method in a way that will allow you to sense yourself and follow your own authority towards health and wellness.

I am also conducting workshops nationally and internationally and if you are interested in that, or to work with me in private sessions please contact me at:


(870) 219-2010